Services in change situations, interim management

With professional business development and HR consultancy you can assure implementation and stabilization in various change situations. In addition to legal requirements, it is critical to take care of internal communications and personnel well-being to run the change successfully. An experienced consultant or interim manager is an efficient alternative when a company has an acute need. In a difficult change environment it is often a clear and reliable option to have a professional leader to take the organization through that period.

Typical situations at our client companies have been eg.:
  • M&A, fusions, business transfer
  • Organization changes
  • Major changes in procedures
  • Interim management, sudden need for a key person’s substitute

HR consulting and facilitation as business support

Established personnel administration is the foundation for good HR management. These practices are formed based on the needs and operations of each company. They need to comply to legal requirements as well as collective agreements.
  • Well-defined HR processes clarify HR management.
  • Annual HR schedule makes it easier to communicate and operate HR matters.
  • Personnel survey is a tool to develop personnel satisfaction and improve your business. By analyzing the results, building action plans, and following up the implementation, these surveys help in making your business better.
  • Well-planned and targeted meetings ensure that focus is kept on right subjects and results are gained.
  • Development of management practices in performance management, competence management and rewarding contribute to the success of your business.
  • Coaching or sparring partner helps managers to improve their performance in their own management and leadership role, giving support in handling difficult situations.