Welcome to Partners' House!

Partners’ House is an accomplished and experienced partner in managing renewal.

Partners’ House aims to offer the best possible work performance and results to its clients. We excel in HR, management consulting, facilitation and interim management services.

We are prepared to act as your partner in renewal situations at your company. Those situations may be caused by business development needs, strong growth or sudden decline, M&A, or generational change.

Partners’ House was founded in 2005. Over the years, our operations have become more and more focused on the broad field of HR, change management and business development consultancy. We use our network to supplement our strong performance.

Results and efficiency

  • How do you ensure that change and development actions are implemented efficiently in your company?
  • Do your company's HR strategy, processes and tools reflect the needs of your company?
  • What kind of support would help your management and other key personnel in HR matters?
  • What kind of development projects and reinforcement of key competencies are expected to succeed in your business plans?
  • Do you need a professional HR specialist to help during your company’s change period?